Since IOLAN's early years and its active addressing of the subject of identification and access control on the market, the company has also had a presence in the education sector, where it has played an active role in developing a number of different concepts used in schools. The functions of access control, personal lockers for students and multiple uses of ID cards are also integrated into these concepts. The demands currently placed upon the security of educational establishments, specifically attendance registration and the necessary associated management reports, are further important topical issues in this sector for which we are able to offer suitable solutions.

With regard to both the facilities and the functional processes, we have therefore already fully automated the registration of the OLC (open teaching centre) functions for a range of organizations based upon the ID cards of the attending students, as a result of which the registration reports can be generated completely independently. A number of reference projects in this area are available for inspection. IOLAN's extensive experience in this market segment makes it a dependable and professional partner that is more than willing to rise to the challenge of attaining effective project solutions with and for its customers.


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