Source: UMC Utrecht

IOLAN has considerably stepped up its activities in the healthcare sector in recent years, building upon its experience of and familiarity with system integration and the execution of projects in the sector. In this sector too, many issues have arisen which have resulted in complex and often diverse sub-systems being harnessed in order to create a more readily manageable and user-friendly environment for users. Once again, identification, controlled access and key management are often important aspects within the management of facilities.

The user interfaces of the various applications have also increasingly come under scrutiny. Considerable attention must be paid to training and to the imparting of knowledge for proper operation of the systems, the complexity of which continues to grow. Independent integration of different systems into a manageable environment also presents customers with numerous options. Cost aspects are a further important factor in the healthcare sector. In close consultation with the end users, IOLAN is able to offer realistically achievable project solutions and to identify implementations that permit cost-efficient investments. IOLAN's project experience and range of products enable it to meet the challenges presented by the sector.


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