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In combination, attendance recording and access control provide customers with flexible options for applications and reporting. Attendance recording is a function that is now important, if not an actual requirement, in conjunction with company emergency services, in order for the persons present to be identified quickly and clearly in the event of a disaster. This function is supported as standard within the IOLAN access control system, and can be determined in consultation with the customer in consideration of the desired policy and its application. Combined functions such as entry and exit with registration and anti-passback can be defined and configured in a number of different ways. The flexibility of application with the associated reports assures a comprehensive range of options for implementation of the required functionality. Person-specific checking in/out data from the access control system can also be processed for visualization of the time records of persons and/or the use of rooms. In order for these functions to be applied effectively, use can be made of physically controlled access points at which persons are automatically forced to effect registration in the system properly by presenting personal ID card and identification. IOLAN readers and  modules are operating with worlds standard technologies like Mifare Classic en Mifare DESfire EV-1.

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