From the start of IOLAN in 1992, customer and market demands resulted in rapid growth in our range of products and services. IOLAN offers a broad package of solutions for the most diverse of security requirements. These include security management, control rooms, system integration, intercoms, managed telephony, access control, key management, lockers, payment systems, identification and card management. In turn, these solutions can be interconnected within the IOLAN Sphere management software and managed by means of a customer-specific graphical interface. This permits the integration of third-party systems such as pagers, CCTV, fire alarms, etc. 

Product documentation

Security management:
Productsheet Sphere management software
Productsheet S-Line -Processor module-
Productsheet S-Line -IO-modules & Start module-
Productsheet C-Line -Processor module-
Productsheet C-Line -IO-modules & Coupleboard-
Productsheet Command panel

Productsheet Intercom control station
Productsheet Intercom substation
Productsheet Extended intercom
Productsheet Desktop intercom
Productsheet Intercom terminal (cell station)
Productsheet Audio interface module

SmartGuard PZI/MAI:
Productsheet SmartGuard -mobile device-
Productsheet PMCB -central PZI/MAI control-

Access control:
Productsheet IOLAN access control
Productsheet Sphere access control software
Productsheet IOLAN DESfire® Explorer -extended-
Productsheet Cardreporter
Productsheet Two-door access control module TCK Access
Productsheet S-Line -Access module-
Productsheet TIM Access Interface Module
Productsheet Intercom substation
Productsheet NDx flush/surface-mounted reader
Productsheet NDx outdoor designer reader
Productsheet DDx surface-mounted designer reader
Productsheet Vandal-proof colour terminal -indoor-
Productsheet Vandal-proof colour terminal -outdoor-
Productsheet UDx desktop reader
Productsheet Badge intake and return console
Productsheet IOLAN inspection randomizer
Productsheet Primacy card printer
Productsheet Tattoo rewritable kaartprinter
Productsheet Access control accessories

Asset management:
Productsheet Keylock key management
Productsheet KeyWall-80 key management
Productsheet KeyWall-40 key management
Productsheet KeySafe
Productsheet Locker module

Productsheet Service station

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