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Quality policy

IOLAN regards its quality policy as being derived from its business processes, and an integral part of them. IOLAN B.V. is certified by Quality Masters in Papendrecht against the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our quality management system is geared to assuring the quality, transparency and continual improvement of our primary business processes. Internal quality audits of all parts of the company and continual co-ordination by an internal quality manager are central to this activity. In addition, analyses are conducted regularly of customer satisfaction, the quality of our external suppliers' performance, and any complaints. Attention is paid in the various internal consultation structures to assuring quality and to translating it into policy and the training of personnel.

IOLAN is also an member of the Dutch association for safety and security: VEBON. IOLAN also received the VCA ** company certification in accordance with version 2008 / 5.1. This means that IOLAN has implemented a number of procedures in the area of ​​safe working, health and environment, and also reports on this.


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