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09 june 2016

Team IOLAN climbs Alpe d'Huez for KWF

It all started in 2015; IOLAN was very closely confronted with the emotions surrounding cancer. Naturally, and perhaps a bit out of powerlessness, our choice for the Christmas gift was clear. A support to the KWF cancer fund combined with a nice challenge to share together. Soon an enthusiastic team of 7 participants and 5 supervisors were prepared to take on the challenge. After much practice and even a training course in the Ardennes, the time had come:

Alpe d'HuZes 2016 -our daily report-
The day, June 2, started very early. We got up at 2 o'clock to be at the start in time around 4:00 o'clock. A little sleepy we were waiting for the start in the streets of the welcoming French village of Bourg d'Oisans, at the foot of the famous Alpe d'Huez. At 4:30 it was then time; the large group of nearly 5,000 participants started to move in silence. You felt that something special was going to happen. That first climb was breath taking, not so much because of the steep slope or increasing heartbeat, that went unnoticed. But purely by doing it together, the benefaction of peers and the sea of burning candles along the route. More than 13 kilometres with 21 curves in a kind of serene rest, deep in thought meeting the dawn.

As the day progressed the mountain came to life more and more with cheers, supporters, a snack & drink, music and here and there an encouraging push. And so you slowly returned from your thoughts and became aware of what was going on. That was also breath taking, so special that everyone encouraged each other, whether you were on the mountain as a participant, help, organization or supporter. All too unreal to be in a world with only cheerful people. You forgot that you came to walk or cycle, to grab a col, right?

We are back with a mountain of experience and you feel that you have to share it ...
Thank you all.

On behalf of Team IOLAN, Gerard Verbiest CEO.

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