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06 september 2016

Opening Judicial Complex Zaanstad

You will probably have noticed that on 6 September his Majesty the King opened the new Judicial Complex Zaanstad (JCZ). As a supplier of innovative security systems, IOLAN has been intensively involved in the design, construction and realization of this complex. To this end IOLAN was invited by JCZ to briefly describe the many realized innovations in the area of security and safety in their magazine: Magazine JC Zaanstad -IOLAN-
Security guaranteed!
IOLAN specializes in the production of integrated security solutions in the linking, control, automation and management of building-related installations. As Laurens Vonk, who is responsible for marketing at IOLAN, explained: “We develop high-quality hardware and software in-house and these are then deployed and maintained by a team of professionals. This takes the form of a unique range of products and services that enable us to guarantee optimum security.” 

“We are active in areas, in which security has top priority within a company’s operations. Our activities include ensuring the security of a large number of government buildings, such as prisons, courts, police stations and tax offices. However, we are also active in the healthcare, education and industrial sectors. In each case, we provide a tailor-made solution, as our systems are frequently so complex that standard solutions would not provide the most ideal outcome. We develop our ingenious hardware and software to a high level of sophistication. Security systems must remain operational at all times, which is why we build-in multiple fail-safes in order to prevent system failure.”

And the company’s Managing Director, Gerard Verbiest continued: “Commissioned by the Ministry of Justice has IOLAN interpretation given to the innovative security systems for the construction of the new Penitentiary Complex Zaanstad, we developed a number of innovative products and we are proud of the end-result. The developments and the implementation of the security and identification systems turned out to be an extensive and therefore highly challenging contract. At the end of the project, we had comfortably succeeded in delivering a comprehensive range of products in keeping with the self-reliance of inmates and the efficient deployment of staff. We were involved in the construction of the complex right from the very first design and so were able to provide detailed suggestions as to how to fulfil the stringent requirements in relation to electronic security and facility-management processes.”

In order to ensure the security of the complex, IOLAN decided to make use of the Sphere Security Management. “A diverse range of sub-systems are linked to the system, including fire detection, access control, camera monitoring, intercom, a mobile alarm system, together with a variety of actuators and sensors, such as door locks, alarm pushbuttons, lighting and even showers. Sphere ensures that all security processes are carried out automatically, presenting all of the information and processing procedures required in a simple manner, in order to ensure that verification and management can be carried out in the most efficient way possible. The result is a system that is characterised by a high degree of integration, the like of which has not yet been seen in any custodial institution.”

Durable and state-of-the-art
PC Zaanstad is the first custodial institution that not only operates using the identity card for State servants (Rijkspas), but also uses a system of identity cards for inmates. Gerard Verbiest explained the Rijkspas in more detail: “For example, the identity card for inmates can be used to operate facilities in the inmate’s own cell, such as lighting, equipment and even the shower. What is more, the card enables a inmate to move around “freely” within the institution. The rooms, routes and times at which he/she is able to do this will have been preset. By means of the IOLAN service post, a inmate is able to access his/her own personal account and submit retail orders and schedule visits (within the prison system, this system is more widely known as Self-Service for Inmates (ZBJ)). A facility that is unique to is that the IOLAN intercom system is used as a type of monitored telephone system within an individual’s cell. That system also operates using the inmate’s own card. This combination of advanced
systems provides inmates with greater insight, coupled with more tasks and freedom, thereby reducing the workload of staff at PC Zaanstad, reducing the number of administrative actions that are required and preventing errors.”

At PC Zaanstad, prison officers have been equipped with the very latest generation of PZI/MAI devices that make use of smartphone technology. These take the form of personal security systems (PZIs) and mobile alarm systems (MAIs). “The advent of these devices, which were developed by IOLAN, considerably expands the range of functions that are available. For example, the devices offer a high degree of personalisation and are fully integrated within the SMS system. This enables messages to be sent from any IOLAN station and in the event of an alarm, the correct personal information and location can be viewed immediately. Thanks to the IOLAN SmartLock system, a member of staff must check in before being able to open his/her personal locker, where his/her keys and SmartGuard PZI/MAI are stored. A user can only leave the premises again once these items have been returned to the locker, where they will be automatically identified and checked. If these have not been
returned, a member of staff will be unable to check out.”provide the most ideal outcome. We develop our ingenious hardware and software to a high level of sophistication. Security systems must remain operational at all times, which is why we build-in multiple fail-safes in order to prevent system failure.”

The figures!

Amongst other things, we equipped PC Zaanstad with: 24,000 actuators/sensors, 1,545 intercom posts,1,500 camera controls, 2,052 card readers, 700 door control devices, more than 100 computer operator screens, and 713 bunches of keys and PZI/MAI devices.

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