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18 december 2018

Season greetings from IOLAN

We take care of that!

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It is just a selection of daily terminology in our tech sector. A beautiful, fascinating special world which seems to go faster every year and where we, as IOLAN, perform top-class sport to be and remain a specialist. Of course we like to do that. It is also what you expect from us as a customer.

How fine it is that we may occasionally step out of this somewhat hunted technical world and open our eyes to the human reality around us. You would almost forget it in all the hectic, enthusiasm and brain breakers. It brings us back to where it all really concerns us, taking care of each other, that feels really good.

So for 2019 ... .. a lot of worries? Happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

On behalf of all IOLANners,

Gerard Verbiest

> IOLAN Christmas card 2018 (in Dutch)

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