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26 february 2018

Introducing the IOLAN S-Line

Due to several recent additions IOLAN’s complimentary S-Line product line is now available. S-Line modules are compact, multifunctional and modular in design and they communicate through DIN rail bus connectors. These modules are typically applied in
IO-networks, but variants can also be utilized as controllers for IRP card readers and doors in an access control system.

The modules are individually configurable through a monochrome LCD display and 5-position joystick. Their backlight colour acts as a status indicator, turning red when an error has occurred. This makes it easy to spot which module is in error, making local troubleshooting possible.

A S-Line Processor module can be used to execute a ladder, reading and controlling of IO through an IO-network as a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Furthermore it can also communicate with the S-Line IO-modules through the IO-network or Bus Master (BM). The IO-modules themselves are available in a wide range of configurations with: inputs (incl. analogue), outputs, a combination and line monitoring. Examples of linked IO’s are: door status, lighting, security sluice functions, intrusion detection, alarms and third party appliance control.

For redundancy purposes the S-Line product line modules can be connected to multiple power supplies and networks. Furthermore data like time, IO and register status, access definitions and ladder memory can be preserved for up to 10 years (modules dependant) upon power failure. The individual modules and therefore diagnosis and configuration menus can also be secured with a PIN code. Herewith an IO-network with S-Line modules is even more secure and reliable.

For further information please refer to the productsheets or contact us!

Productsheet S-Line -Processor module-
Productsheet S-Line -IO-modules & Start module-
Productsheet S-Line -Access module-

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