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12 march 2013

IOLAN VoIP Intercom

For the past two years, IOLAN has been devoting itself to filling a gap in the market for certain products that were simply unavailable. This dedication has been driven by growing market demand for greater functionality, a wider range of applications, improved integration options and increased durability. Its efforts have paid off!

The IOLAN Hightech Innovation Center (IOLAN HIC) has taken its latest generation of intercoms to an unparalleled level by utilizing state-of-the-art smartphone/communications technologies and components including compact chipsets, fast processors, and the latest programming languages and protocols. Below, you can read about some of this all-rounder’s standard features:

Existing infrastructure and communications system integration
Using the standard IP communication infrastructure available in any building for computer and/or
telephone networks, you can install the intercom quickly and easily using standard components including
Power over Ethernet (PoE). You can even create connections to commonly used telephone exchanges
and/or IP and GSM networks for global communications using the SIP audio communications
protocol. IOLAN VoIP Intercom has also been certified by leading telephone exchange manufacturers.

Music and public address systems
Options such as music and public announcements are also available via Ethernet (IP) and do not
require separate cabling and/or audio systems. You can connect the intercom console to an IP music
broadcasting channel quickly and easily, or control it using a paging console. You can also incorporate
any intercom console into a variety of systems and/or paging groups. You can even use it as a public
address (PA) system. It is possible to adjust volume levels manually and/or fully automatically in response
to ambient noise levels.

Spoken announcements
It is also particularly easy to have the system issue standard basic announcements from the console,
e.g. ‘You are now entering a quiet zone’ or ‘Mind your step’ or ‘Press button to confirm’ or ‘Press button
to open door’, i.e. an automatic alert at any required location.

Audio monitoring
Comprehensive digital audio filtering options make it possible to suppress and filter background noise
to ensure that audio output remains clear and comprehensible. The intercom console can monitor
sound levels in a given area on a constant basis or intermittently according to a schedule (day/time basis).
This can be extremely useful for security purposes, e.g. detecting aggressive or violent behaviour,
or an audible alarm in a certain area.

ON/OFF switching and warnings
It is possible to connect and operate a variety of electrical components, e.g. door release mechanisms,
barriers, lighting, cameras, paging indicators, water valves and warning/fault contacts. It is also possible
to connect devices using the integrated serial/intelligent interface. Examples include machinery,
PCs and/or biometric devices.

Access control
Because IOLAN also has a full range of access control products in its range, it has also incorporated all
these features into its intercom console for your convenience, i.e. the console is a fully fledged access
control operating module. For example, you can connect card readers and door release mechanisms
directly to the intercom. This suddenly opens up a whole host of other interesting possibilities in combination
with a card reader, e.g. setting up an announcement, switching on/off lighting, wall sockets,
water valves (hotel mode), or activating door release mechanisms in call status (hospital mode). The
standard version is also ideal for security rounds, routing clearance, regulated telephone service and as
a payphone.

The intercom console is vandal-proof as standard and has electronic, geometric tamper protection that
registers even the slightest movement of the intercom device. It is also possible to connect security
switches and to monitor surroundings by means of audio monitoring. You can monitor IP communications
on a permanent basis and encrypt data. Irregularities result in an immediate alarm being issued.

Open programmability
It is possible to configure the intercom console’s features quickly and easily thanks to its open programmability.
You can program the intercom remotely, as well as download, preventively check and
edit code to create a proprietary IP web interface. You can also manually assign IP addresses to intercom
consoles directly, making it quick and easy to swap out consoles on site. In other words, flexible
deployment and low maintenance costs.

Security management
In conjunction with IOLAN Security Management, you can configure a complete graphical operating
and management environment making it possible to fully customize all features quickly and easily, and
making them available in a clear and user-friendly fashion. By doing so, you can integrate the intercom
with other systems, e.g. systems for CCTV, mobile telecommunications, fire alarms, emergencies/evacuation,
parking, payment, paging nursing staff, security, emergency service operator call forwarding,
voice logging and registration.

Last, but by no means least, you can simply use it as an intercom.

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