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14 october 2015

IOLAN accreditation SAM Rijkspas

The IOLAN Rijkspas card readers have been used for several years in building-related installations of various governments. This includes, among other things, Judicial institutions, courts and the Tax Authorities. The Rijkspas is a multifunctional smart card managed by the government itself, for various applications, such as physical access management (also inter departmental) to buildings, providing secure access to PCs, networks and applications. The application of the SAM (Secure Application Module) was immediately possible with the use of the IOLAN TIM and / or IOLAN access control module. This saves the key material more safely and makes manipulation more difficult. With this application, the key material shifts from the reader to the controller in a safe space, giving the system a higher system security.

After the use of this SAM was laid down in the standards framework by Rijkspasbeheer, the road for testing the IOLAN SAM applications with the TIM and access control module was open. On 23.09.2015, IOLAN received the accreditation from Rijkspasbeheer for the correct application of SAM for Rijkspas applications. This clears the way for further deployment of completely safe IOLAN systems in accordance with Rijkspas.

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