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02 february 2021

New: IOLAN Extended intercom

The latest addition to the IOLAN VoIP intercom system is the IOLAN Extended intercom. This vandal-proof extended intercom post is specially designed to be used in a publicly accessible area where the presence of an IP connection creates an unwanted cyber vulnerability. The extended intercom consists of a basic and a remote part with a secure IOLAN connection. The remote part is suitable for use in an outdoor environment and can be directly connected to an external card reader. The basic component, an IOLAN S-Line module, which can be placed in a secure indoor environment, connects to the IOLAN VoIP intercom network via IP and connects to the remote component via the secure IOLAN connection. The Extended intercom is easy to fit into an (existing) IOLAN VoIP intercom system at, for example, a barrier or parking lot.

The IOLAN VoIP intercom system is designed to be used at high-risk properties (e.g. courts, prisons, ministries, (state) government offices, etc.) or properties where the user sets high technical and/or security requirements for the intercom system. An IOLAN VoIP intercom system seamlessly interfaces with an security management system from IOLAN so that integrated security solutions interacting between intercom and door operation and the switching on of cameras can be implemented in a simple manner. The IP architecture makes the system modular and scalable without limit.

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