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10 may 2021

New: IOLAN Desktop intercom

The desktop intercom station is a VoIP intercom in a robust desk housing with one or more push buttons, whereby the button functions can be configured customer-specifically. The desktop intercom is typically used in places where people must be able to see and speak to each other without physical contact, such as in interrogation or consultation rooms with glass partition or at separation cells (fleury mérogis). Due to the lectern housing, the post can easily be placed on a desk or counter. By using VoIP technology, a desktop intercom can easily be connected to the IOLAN intercom system via a standard (existing) computer network.

The IOLAN VoIP intercom system is a high-quality technical Voice over IP-based intercom system. It was designed to be used at high-risk properties (e.g. courts, prisons, ministries, (state) government offices, etc.) or properties where the user sets high technical and/or security requirements for the intercom system. An IOLAN VoIP intercom system seamlessly interfaces with an security management system from IOLAN so that integrated security solutions interacting between intercom and door operation and the switching on of cameras can be implemented in a simple manner. The IP architecture makes the system modular and scalable without limit.

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